Case studies

Demonstration sites

INFORMA’s case studies were selected as practical examples of the diverse and complementary Forest Management Units (FMU) in Europe. They represent the five major biogeographical regions in the continent, corresponding to 96% of the EU territory and 94% of its forests.

Europe map
Austria, Alpine forest

Northern Limestone Alps

Austria, Alpine Forest

Extending from Austria to South-Eastern Germany, the Northern Limestone Alps are covered by alpine forests of great ecological, economic, and recreational significance.

Brabantse wooden

Woods of Brabant

Belgium, Atlantic Forest

Among the most beautiful and oldest forests in Belgium, the Woods of Brabant are characterised by more than 10,000 hectares of Atlantic Forest, abundant in oak and beech trees, but also in maples and pines.

North Karelia

North Karelia

Finland, Boreal Forest

The boreal forests in North Karelia, the easternmost region of Finland, hold great ecological, economic, and societal (e.g., recreational) value.

Râșca Forest District

Râșca Forest District

Romania, Continental Forest

In Romania, INFORMA will zoom in on the Râșca Forest District in the County of Suceava, covered by spruce, pine and beech trees in forests under strict protection or used for wood production.

Segre-Rialb Basin

Segre-Rialb Basin

Spain, Mediterranean Forest

Mediterranean forests are a unique world natural heritage in terms of biological diversity. In Northeastern Spain, the Rialb reservoir, fed by the river Segre, is framed by scenic Mediterranean forests that climb the surrounding hills and mountains.