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Râșca Forest District

Râșca Forest District

Romania, Continental Forest

27% of Romania’s territory is comprised of forested lands, including a large portion of Europe’s continental primary beech forests. There, INFORMA will zoom in on the Râșca Forest District in the County of Suceava. The area of 13,000 ha is covered by spruce, pine and beech trees in forests under strict protection or used for wood production.

In productive forests, regular management is based on long rotation periods of over 120 years, natural regeneration via shelterwood cutting and group selection, as well as the promotion of native forest species adapted to site conditions (beech, Norway spruce, silver fir, ash, etc). An area of 1,000 ha is protected for erosion control and managed with low intensity harvesting.

Windstorms and limited management infrastructure (e.g. forest roads network) are some of the most relevant management challenges in the area.

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